Blue Marlin Fishing in Venezuela: Best in the World?

Blue marlin fishing in Venezuela

Blue marlin fishing in Venezuela

Check out this story in The author has traveled to Venezuela many times over the years to go deep sea fishing, but had not gone in several years. He was not sure what to expect on his latest trip, and his friends and family thought he was crazy for going. (I don’t quite get that. Just because Venezuela is a political opponent of the United States does that mean that it’s some kind of xenophobic anti-American danger zone?). Anyway, he was pleasantly surprised right from the start as he entered Caracas’ gleaming new international airport, was warmly greeted, and experienced some of the best blue marlin fishing in his life.

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6 thoughts on “Blue Marlin Fishing in Venezuela: Best in the World?

  1. Consuela Heft

    I know there are some nice lakes to catch some fishin the area here or in the region,some of my friends have been bringing in a few in some in little fishing ponds however I am looking for bigger water that have lots of different fish,if you know about anything let us know,Ill be back. thanks

  2. Evonne Barmer

    Offshore fishing is undoubtedly the favourite outdoor activity,maybe there is tons of different places to get a number of striper around this particular local area additionally consider utilising such a method, folks I’ve met in this area haven?t pointed out this kind of idea therefore i’m trying to find an easy method to catch a lot more. The type of fish in all these rivers all-around here often nibble a bare hook occasionally however it is not really the fish i am trying to hook. Appreciate it for the details and even will probably be awaiting the following post…

  3. jordan

    i have to do a sculpture of a blue marlin and was wondering if it is related to a sword fish they look the same? And if it is endangered and what kind of food it eats. it looks so beautiful

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