Dating Venezuelan Girls

Venezuelan girls

Venezuelan girls

I was just browsing today and came across this website called Road Junkie Travel. It’s got blog posts by travelers from many countries, including Venezuela. You can see the Venezuela page here:

There was a funny post by a guy named Seb Kennedy about dating Venezuelan girls. Apparently there are special challenges in dating a girl who expects drama, cheating, and general bad behavior from her man. He writes:

Put simply, dating Venezuelans is great if you are after a casual fling or a holiday romance. It’s when you enter into a proper relationship when the problems and cultural differences emerge.

Venezuela is an extremely macho country and girls almost expect their men to treat them badly. They expect them to periodically leave them at home and go out drinking all night with their mates, wind up at a brothel, and come home in a mess the next day. Then they will have an insane shouting match where things get thrown about, she ends up in a huff and he goes out on the piss again. Eventually they will make up, and they will be so in love it will make you sick until the next time he goes out to screw hookers.

When a Venezuelan girl doesn’t get this from her foreign boyfriend she will be very surprised and will either ask to marry you on the spot, or spend months trying to figure out why she isn’t being taken for granted. For some girls, haranguing their boyfriends is their second favourite pastime after gossiping, so they may miss the melodrama when they date a man from a country where women expect to be treated as equals.

For a foreign woman dating a Venezuelan man the relationship works in reverse. He will most likely be unfaithful to her, but will still rely on her to perform all manner of domestic duties. She may even find him turning up unannounced at her house with a huge bag of washing and a shirt missing a couple of buttons. Any attempt to engage in a discussion regarding gender equality will fall on deaf ears and will be dismissed as foreign nonsense.

There is a thriving gay scene in Caracas, catered for by a fair selection of gay bars. If you are lucky, you will find one playing host to a karaoke show featuring drag queens and transsexuals grinding away in enormous spangley stilettos to Madonna classics and “Sobrevivire” – “I Will Survive” in Spanish. It may seem unusual to find a lively gay scene in such a macho country, and although the word “marico” (queer) is a common insult among men and even women, the attitude of straight Venezuelans to homosexuality is typically one of slight amusement or bemused indifference, rather than the jeering ridicule you may expect.

Personally I’ve never dated a Latin American woman, but I have North American friends who have, and one of the complaints I’ve  heard consistently is the cavalier attitude of the women toward keeping dates and showing up on time. Of course they expect the same thing from the man, so to me it’s miracle that anyone ever actually gets together. Or maybe they get together just long enough to do the deed, which is perhaps why I see so many single young mothers. In some cases the father drops in from time to time to visit. But I’m getting off track.

Another complaint I’ve heard is that once you get something steady going with a girl, her entire family expects you to underwrite their expenses and fund their business ventures. It seems that you do actually have to lay something out – otherwise what would be the benefit to the girl of dating you? – but you also have to know where to draw the line between being generous and being a sucker.

Have you dated a Venezuelan girl? What was the experience like for you? Share your comments.

41 thoughts on “Dating Venezuelan Girls

  1. Anonymous

    I am dating a Venezuelan guy and he is great! We definitely had a high learning curve due to cultural differences but he already knew a lot about US culture since he grew up watching US films and tv shows every day. He “forgets” to do his own dishes sometimes but loves cooking for me and is very reliable. But he’s not a typical Venezolano and I can’t say I would ever date a “typical” Venezolano…

  2. Dave

    DUDE! The Venezuelan women are the hottest, the sexiest and the mos cariñosas women I’ve ever met! They are so much smarter than american women. Being a european, they were al stunned by how gentelman-like my behavior to them was. I enjoyed goo success dating venezuelan girls. If it wasn’t for the obesity that almost outweights :p the US girls, I would say they’re the most beautiful I’ve seen.

  3. admin Post author

    Really, obesity is a problem with Venezuelan girls? Why is that, do you think? It’s not because they are junk food addicted like North Americans.

  4. Adriana

    We don’t have an obesity problem! Actually, what is considered to be “thin” in the US is “fat” here in Venezuela.

    I am very offended by that man’s comment: “Put simply, dating Venezuelans is great if you are after a casual fling or a holiday romance.”

    Venezuela is a very traditional country, of course you can find not-so-innocent girls like everywhere else but making such generalization shows this man’s ignorance about Venezuelan culture.

  5. Alethea

    I’m writing an article about dates across the world. Is there anything interesting about dating in Venezuela? I hear the people there are amongst the most beautiful in the world (with a record in world beauty pageants). I’ve also learnt that the people there are considered among the happiest in the world.

    Where would someone go on an interesting date?
    Are there any romantic customs, unique to Venezuela?

    I’d appreciate any suggestions or help.

    Kind regards.

  6. Maite

    “Another complaint I’ve heard is that once you get something steady going with a girl, her entire family expects you to underwrite their expenses and fund their business ventures. It seems that you do actually have to lay something out”

    You didn’t say how many men made this complaint to you, I am a venezuelan woman and although I would accept that it is nice to be spoil by a man, it is also nice for a woman to spoil her man. It’s give and take mate! I resent the the insinuation made that make us sound like users. But then again a man who has had a bad experience with a woman goes on to generalise (same as women I suppose)

  7. Pal

    OK, I am a Gringo but in my prime I spent months traveling and visiting friends in Venezuela. I have been to the highest mountains and to the deep rainforests etc. etc.

    Venezuelan women can be very hot and are very approachable and they always like a foreigner if you treat them well.

    BUT, and I know I am going to have to listen to the Venezuelans complain but truth is Venezuelans are not that happy en general, not sincere, will stick a knife in your back, will steal money from even a friend and are just generally the least reliable or honest Latinos in my experience.

    Date Colombian women, they really love men and if you are a foreigner they will come out in droves for you, hey it is that “New Kind In Town” thing on steroids. See the problem is Latino men have everything their way and pretty much screw anything and everything with little respect for the relationship. All Latina women hear foreigners are nicer and more gentlemen whether that is true or not.

    Ok, now I must make a run for the trees before those Fckng Caraquenas start chuckin spears at me. Adios! and remember the Colombian women.

  8. john

    It is true there is an obesity problem in Venezuela. You see a lot of hot girls in the 15-25 range but shortly after that a great many start piling on the weight. This is true for men too. Basically it’s the diet… Arepas are very tasty but very very fattening. The same is true for Polarcitos (bottles of beer which people tend to drink like water). Food tends to be fried rather than baked or grilled. Sugary drinks are everywhere, fast food too. See this article:

  9. Art

    Dating a lady in Maracaibo now. She is great. It is beginning to turn serious and am all for it. I think the trick to most any relationship is working around age gaps, here in Venezuela it is not uncommon to be approached by 20 somethings at 50. This lady is 39, I am 49 and it seems a good match.

  10. Coco89

    These data most likely relates to certain less culturized and marginalized segments of the population in Venezuela; as in every contry, there are some citizens which do not conform with the more common average of the population in general, certainly.

  11. alej

    I am Venezuela girl, and I feel pretty bad for the article, why generalize? so all Venezuelans girls are like the girls that he met? I don’t think so at all!! the Venezuelan women are affectionate, beautiful and pretty smart, most get a university degree at age of 20 years old..we are not silly girls.. and about the romantic part.. yes!we are Latinas, we are very warm and passionate by nature and maybe we feel attracted to foreigners because we think they have a mindset different from the typical rough macho man from here, we just looking for someone to maintain a intelligent conversation and learn more about another culture.. In my opinion are disparaging the Venezuelan woman without taking the time to know them well, just carried away by the opinion of a man who may not get to be loved by a good Venezuelan girl and for sure he just got a bad woman..

  12. admin Post author

    Thanks alej, I enjoyed your comment. There have been a lot of comments on both sides of the issue. You’ve made a good case for Venezuelan girls.

  13. xD




  14. san lorenzo

    i have a friend from venezuela. he tells me the women are very beautiful, approachable, friendly. but that doesn’t mean they are ‘easy’. i also hear that venezuelans are still pretty traditional when it comes to dating. as with pretty much any latin american country the man almost always initiate conversation, a dance, night out etc etc and women don’t usually approach men. if you don’t have confidence or personality to approach women then go to brazil.

  15. Art

    Some Positive Feedback!

    It has been almost a year since I posted my last comment. I had just started dating a young lady from Maracaibo and knew things looked good for a longer term relationship.

    Now I can speak from experience, Venezuelan ladies are beautiful, smart and very passionate. Like most women, they have a bit of insecurity concerning their men and other women, but I have found that we easily work through with those issues through attention and concern for her feelings on the matter.

    She is a professional woman, and made it clear she needed nothing from me but my affection. She does need more attention than a typical North American woman, which I am more than able and glad to give her. I do not think I have ever known a lady who gives so much and demands so little.

    If she is any representation of other ladies in Venezuela, and I think she is, then there is not enough positive I can say for them. Generalizing people is tricky, so I will just say my experience has been the most positive in my life. And yes, I have been all over North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

  16. WHA Post author

    Art, I’m glad to hear that your experience has been so positive. Though it does sound like you are saying that your woman is rather jealous and demanding of your time.

  17. Give a Try

    Theres a lot of evil girls here, who just think in take your money, find someone who pay their bills, clothes or even their education…nevertheless theres a lot of girls willing to take care of their men…i love date foreing guys cause im sick of relationships with latinos…i cant say that they are all of the same type i rather say that i havent find i nice one…and as long as my experience with european guys have been the best i rather date them…it does not matter if this one has to leave in a couple of months or stay here just for a year…the important thing is respect, honesty and a open mind who understand that im a woman who have feelings and is not a stupid with no opinion…i also date foreing guys because they seem to appreciate more the simple things of life…venezuelan guys rather go into a place and waste money just because they think thats awesome just to show their new blackberry….foreing guys enjoy to spend some weekends in bed making love to his woman and most of them does not pay attention if they can not affort expensive things….most of venezuelan guys i have date if the relationship does not work…they do not talk to you again…because they can not see you as a friend lol…(such a inmature behavior)…but foreing guys if the relationship does not work became like a brother to you…..I’m glad to hear the experiences that has been so positive…sadly this guy for sure meet some ramdom woman…

  18. juan

    This is Juan R. i am in Mexico. Mexico is becoming a magnet for Venezulan woman unfurtonately many (not all of them) end up working at table dace type of places. I was dating one of this girl, she was only 20 years old and extremly beutiful and sexy, she would drive all man crazy just by looking at her, of course she good her breast implant and body scultured down in caracas, she said that is a typical thing down there that many girls look forward for being “improved” so the become prettier and get a better future in all ways. (Work, friends and mates). Any how everything was fiend with this friend but then the relationship did not flowrished, that is when she began asking for money for this and that, and asking for free nice cloths and a new black berry, i am not a rich guy (unfurtanetly) but i got a good job so i have a secure income so i can provide some goods. But we middle calls mexicans are slow not like the typical venezuelan guy who woman love to hate by really miss when they are away from Venezuela. Any how i told her that i was not an American idiot or a european just conforming with being a type of sugar daddy. We in mexico do not have all those hot girls is that common but we got our girls who are different but at least here they do not request for much,,you know they want to go out, party and from time to time to give a nice present but this girls was a pro at asking to me an to all my friend. Do you now get the picture what type of a girl she was. I do not want to say the word but i am sure you get my point.
    Venezuelan woman are so damm hot, it is a petty that some of them used that to their advantege thinking we man are stupid.

  19. give a try

    Juan…most 20 years old girls(not all of them) sadly are like that….im 28 years old and makes me mad that usually guys keep that opinion of us. (most of them foreing guys, cause the guys here are really happy with that kind of silly woman)

  20. juan

    how come a Venezuelan guy will be happy with a woman who is only draining his wallet. Unless ofcourse if she is providning you know, body favors. then you dont complaint that much. In my case sure i was looking for that buti thought to myself well i date her and be nice then eventually that will happen. Well that never happened and she keep on asking for thing and partying and at discos give her phone number or black berry Pin away to whoever she wanted to bang..any how i have my rules now..No lating woman below 25 years old the are still too young and looking for the best deal out there…and they know for sure that a sucker is born every minute.

  21. juan

    Just so you know here in Mexico is not that we have a great economy but for some reason lots of woman come to work down here at the adult entreitenmet industry (stripp clubs).They state that they make more money than in their home coutries. Guess who are the most value women of them all? you are right Venezuelan women are the girls who drive crazy to all mexicans, on top of the Colombians who are hot too by way but they miss some spice in my opinion, and way on top of the girls from Ukraine and girls from Eastern Europe. But we college graduated guys in Mexico learn fast, we are not that dumb either. We have now a mojo here among my friends The venezuelan women are only for entreteinment donot involve feelings and your wallet as well. Sad but true..Of course this does not apply to all people down in Venezuela just to the girls in this business line in Mexico and some down there i guess.

  22. Tom Cummings

    Venezuelan women do and will keep a separate compartment for their ‘happy life’. Venezuelan men have knocked the self esteem of their women so low they must resort to secret emails, secret cell phones. If you hook up with a Venezuelana, be ready for the most beautiful love and sex you can imagine, they are ethical sluts, which is a compliment in the highest. But, in time you will find the ‘hidden conversations’ with old contacts as they cannot give up email addresses or cell phone numbers in fear of the “EVIL EYE OF ENVY”!!!!!!

  23. pipis

    Well people,
    I’m going to share my own experience about Venezuelan women.
    My ex-girlfriend is from Venezuela, the city of Valencia and I’m European. There are advantages & disadvantages.
    First of all she was really caring, I have been with women in my life but she was something else. So caring, so sweet with me that it impressed me.She was hot, ohh a bomb in the bed! A unique experience…funny, hot, sexy, caring.All I ever wanted in a woman BUT after a few years I was seeing more clear..she was also a LIAR…telling me little little lies and later I figured out that she was an AMAZING liar. A talented one. She cheated on me, she lied to me, she deceived me but continued insisting that she loves me and that I am the love of her life like “TU eres el amor de mi vida, quiero tener mi familia contigo, mis bebes contigo,te amo,te adoro,blah blah..blah..FULL OF WORDS but NO ACTIONS!
    PEOPLE! Be aware of them Venezuelans. They will break your heart in the end. It’s in their blood, it’s the way they grow up, the ethics they get from their families(which I do not consider family when a mother has kids with 3 diferrent guys).They are DRAMA.
    This woman was constantly illusionating me by saying 1.000 sweet words and by SWEARING me eternal love but in the end she didn’t give a SHIT even though I did so many sacrifices for her.Even though I treated her like a princess. In the end she didn’t value ANYTHING.
    Of course there are exceptions everywhere but those are very few…Venezuelans are like this and Im not the only one to say it cause I know people who had similar experiences with them.
    Hypocrites, liars, golddiggers, fake, they can tell you 1.000.000 WORDS OF LOVE. Do not listen to them. Just let them speak with actions that count. That’s it and Im sorry but it’s TRUE.

  24. Gardner Michaels

    I was seriously involved with a Venezuelan for over two years. To say she was passionate in bed is putting it mildly, and when it came to faithfulness she was totally worthless. Whenever I was away on business, she would be seeing her old boyfriend. Her older sister was married and I found out she was the neighborhood sl_t. I had a big fight with the woman and she told me she was going to stay with me. I was a fool for believing that. Well, relationship was over after that and she married another guy. He probably got the same mind-blowing sex I got…. and a whole lot of trouble too. I ran into her online and she has a few kids. She complained to me her daughters always get in trouble. Good. Not my problem. RULE ONE: if she’s easy and f_cks a lot, she’s not worth having a relationship with.

  25. clement

    i have been reading so many things about south America ladies.
    i will be in Venezuela on Sunday the 19/02/2012.
    from there i hope i will have something to say if they are good or bad women to deal with.

  26. Tamra

    In the real world theres liars everywhere…theres no nationality for being a whore or a bad GF, depends on the kind of girl you choose for living that experience…Welcome Clement! enjoy or country and I hope u can meet nice people, open minded, polite and ready to give you a hand if you are in need…if you want to have fun is important to understand that is imposible to put in just one category every single venezuelan girl…Thres always a hint that helps us to recognize the kind of people that is around us…of course if you go to a bar and u have one night stand with a girl u should know that that girl is gonna cause u trouble later! So just be carefull in who you trust and you would be all right!…..Come to Maracaibo! u gonna love it….

  27. pipis

    @Clement you can’t tell from the first impression.
    The first impression is always good; and the second, and the third…you can realize quality of their character in depth of time…
    It took me 2 years to finally realize that my Venezuelan girlfriend who was swearing me love was a cheater.
    It was such a disappointment…it still hurts me to think about it. Truth hurts unfortunately.

  28. Fraserandisa

    I’ve been married a fantastic Venezuelan girl for the past 10 years. She is the most caring and loving woman I know.
    Our marriage is still going strong, and I totally trust her.
    I don’t think you can paint all Venezuelan women with the same brush.
    And BTW, she is still slim at 50

  29. MaIsa

    Come on guys! Everyone who is educated knows that generalizing leads to wrongful outcomes!… Iam a venezuelan girl and I can tell that Ive seen beautiful women all over the world… So lets get real, we are not god’s gift to humanity hahaha :p

  30. Jorge

    @Tamra …are you married or something?in relationship etc?? if not can i meet you a friend of mine??he is latino pero ok chico…he is like those outsiders you attracted to…he is from other planet in other words…he lives maracaibo and he fall in love with a shithead girl…and i can’t watching him like this…he is good looking good person and can be minded too and he is not afraid to be opened in any subjects..though he might be a little shy at some points(he is like that 1st time he meets someone) so…if you are not in relationship what do you think?? 😛

  31. Jorge

    LoL i Don’t know how to delete my previous comment xDDD…the thing is it was supposed to go for @GIVE A TRY user….probably @tamra user will see this and say: wtf was that… Xdd ok…screw this…i am gonna be clear this time: If there is any girl from Maracaibo who is beautiful(both body and soul)looking for a good guy for a long term relationship i can show you a friend of mine also he is from maracaibo(he is looking good and he can be trusted and he is open minded on every subject and good character with big humor too)…okay??good xDD see ya all and sorry for the mistake at previous comment @tamra …but in case you are not married or something you can ask to find this friend of mine xDD take care !!!!!

  32. clement

    Tamara i am now in Maracaibo can we meet.
    i am looking for friend to show my Venezuela since i am new here


  33. eduardo

    laughable. While a Venezuelan woman’s culture may very slightly from Colombian, European or North American – I have successfully dated all. I am glad to announce that they are as putita as every other country. Show a little culture and class and you will have no trouble finding a fine woman in any of you favorite locations. people just like hearing that woman in certain Countries are easier to bed than in others because the reader has trouble in his own Country and is hopping other culture don’t see his vast limits. People are people. Women are women and as intelligent there as here. If you having trouble bedding a woman spend a little time on yourself. Read a bit more about life, nature, history, politics, people, comedy – anything that could enlighten your ability to carry an intelligent conversation with another human being. Clean yourself and dress presentable as if you care about your appearance. Hands, nails, feet, hair, breath, pleasing pussy and how to use your cock. Especially take an interest in the woman you intend to pursue. Learn what she likes and take an honest interest in her intellect and wellbeing. If you cant do the basics then rent a whore – any Country will do. Any dimwit in short conversation can diplomatically learn where she works. Send her flowers now. Simply mention how you enjoyed meeting her. Nothing more. Invite her to lunch. Pussy comes without effort when you take a true interest in her person. If you incapable of doing the basics – don’t expect anything in return.

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