Oh, Sweet Venezuela

A lake house at Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

A lake house at Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Vicky seems to do a whole lot of traveling, from India to Nepal to Australia and New Zealand, to China to Latin America, and other countries I have not named. Wow… wish I could afford to travel like that… She takes photos and writes about her travels, and has an honest voice that dissects aspects of every day life in her travels. Vicky did a series of posts about Caracas and about the mountain town of Merida, Venezuela. Here are links to her posts and brief descriptions:

Oh, Sweet Venezuela:  Vicky visits Merida, Venezuela, a supposed “hip and artistic” university town, but is not terribly impressed.

Death in the City:  a student is killed in a protest in Merida.

Trading One Storm for Another:  Vicky takes a side trip to Lake Maracaibo, the largest Lake in South America.

Touch and Go:  a short post in which Vicky admires Caracas’ “beautiful slums.”

Some of these posts have a good number of photos, though the image quality is not terribly high. Thanks for your observations, Vicky.

One thought on “Oh, Sweet Venezuela

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    Maracaibo is a big city with powerful industry and well-developed infrastructure. Famous for its colourful houses and its music too.
    I would love to visit that place.

    This lake house is interesting, a modern nostalgia to the old bushmen’s houses in South America, I guess…
    But I guess not everyone can sail a boat and getting in and out will be difficult. For vacation I might try though.

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