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Casas de Antaño in Maracaibo, Venezuela


Casas de Antaño in Maracaibo, Venezuela


I recently came across, where people share travel advice. There was a long series of blog posts by a group that traveled all through Latin America. Unfortunately their stay in Venezuela was brief and there were only two posts from there. There are some nice photos, however. I couldn’t find the author’s name, but I have included links and written summaries of here:

Maracaibo, Venezuela, December 4 2007:  A hectic town with loud talkers and generous people.

Caracas, Venezuela, December 6 2007:  Just another big capital, with a historic center and a lot of Chavez propaganda.

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  1. Wael

    Interesting looking houses, but where are the trees? I’ve seen this phenomenon in Panama as well. The developers come into a wooded area, cut down all the beautiful, mature trees to build houses, then they plant a few young trees around the perimeter. Makes no sense.

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